Co-curricular Activities Committee

  • Write and keep minutes for CCAC Meetings

  • Data entry and filing

  • Arrange the distribution and collection of CCA card

  • Arrange prize presentation of CCA

  • Storage and record of trophies, prizes and photos

  • Arrange school picnic

  • Arrange post-exam activities

  • Arrange sister school activities

  • Keep record of holiday activities

  • Service award

  • Long service award

  • Prizes related to CCAC

CCA Consultative Committee


  • Decision Making

  • Leadership Training

Student Union Consultative Committee
  • Executive Committee

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary and Publicity Committee

  • Culture and Recreation

    • Various clubs and societies

    • Sports groups

    • Interest groups

    • CCA groups etc

  • Publication Committee

  • Student Welfare Committee

  • Sports Committee

  • Houses

    • Faith House

    • Hope House

    • Love House

    • Effort House


To provide healthy co-curricular activities so that students can have balanced development and performance in different aspects


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